Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Quirk And The Dead

Over at Frank Glencairn's blog comes this...
Okay, this is it. VDSLR is dead. It was cool, it was fun, it was great but it was also a major pain in the ass. It´s over. Panasonic came out with the AF100 at IBC and then there is Sony and the Scarlet soon. We finally come back to real camcorders, without moire and all the other problems to deal with. Sorry Zacuto.
Of course, I disagree with that 1000% -- DSLR's are still in their infancy and the next gen of Canon's & Nikon's are looking like a step forward. Although I wish Nikon would have moved a little faster -- the D3100 (1920 x 1080 / 24fps / HDMI interface) is on my Christmas list.

I have no problems working around the quirks. In fact, I welcome the quirks. That's part of their charm (along with the obvious lower price point). If anything, the quirks force creativity to happen -- not an easy task ;)

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