Saturday, June 04, 2011

Angry Robot Remix Album

The Angry Robot Remix Album was released on 31 May 2011 -- and I'm happy to report that a mix of mine made the cut! This was a great deal of fun to work on -- right in my wheelhouse. ;)

For my "Singularity Mix", I went with a Kraftwerk/Trio/Depeche Mode feel with an added theremin to harken back to classic science fiction films with robots. Robbie & Gort, I'm looking at you...

Here the track listing:

1. Dale Chase:
2. Denis Cherryman
3. David Ritter:
4. Mike Crooker:
5. Chooch Schubert:

Artwork by Patrick Hester.

Here's more background on the Geek of The Week page.

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