Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back of the envelope thinking

Thanks to the copious amounts of junk mail delivered to our house each week, I never have to worry about having enough paper to organize my daily "to do" lists. I also use them to capture ideas while driving, so there's always some in my car instead of index cards. Afterward, we recycle them, but at least they get a second use.

Also, yes, that's a standing desk -- we found the lectern at a sale a two years ago, extremely cheap (more recycling).

Standing and having my guitar(s) right next to me (and plugged in to the computer) at all times has been the best thing for my song writing and productivity!

Speaking of which, here some other links to hear/stream/buy our record!

Bandcamp (also t-shirts available), Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and iHeartRadio.

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